A lightning strike can have the potential to cause extensive interior damage to your building. Unfortunately, this can lead to extensive and expensive losses of equipment and data. Taking proactive steps to reduce the extent of the damage that a lightning strike can cause to your facility can be well worth the investment for keeping your equipment, workers, and customers safe.

Installing A Lightning Rod On The Top Of The Building

The installation of a lightning rod on the top of the building can be one of the most effective solutions for keeping the building safe. These rods can help to attract lightning strikes so that they will avoid directly hitting the building. A grounding wire will be able to disperse the energy from the strike into the soil. A professional should always be hired when it comes to installing this type of lighnting protection solution as the rod will need to be properly set up to correctly route the energy from the lightning strike, and the rod has to be securely anchored so that it will not fail in response to the high winds that may occur during a strong storm.

Upgrading The Electrical System With A Comprehensive Surge Suppression System

Another feature that you can add to your building to help protect it against lightning strikes will be a surge suppression system. One of these systems will be capable of intercepting electrical surges before they are able to enter your building's wiring. These systems can be rather complicated to install as they will need to be connected to the building's primary power supply, and they will also need to be grounded. As a result, you may find that your building will need to have its power turned off for the duration of this installation. A professional contractor may be able to coordinate with business clients to minimize the disruption that this upgrade will require. This can be done by scheduling this work for when the business will not be busy or open.

Have A Plan For Quickly Assessing The Extent Of The Damage That May Have Occurred

Following instances of a lightning strike, your business should conduct a thorough assessment of the building to determine whether or not damage has occurred. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have a plan in place for performing this type of assessment. As a result, there may be some damages or issues that may be overlooked. By preparing a checklist ahead of time, your managers can more reliably complete this assessment.

To learn more about commercial lightning protection solutions, contact a damage contractor in your area.