If you're doing a major kitchen remodelling project, you may be in a hurry to finish the job so that you can go back to using your kitchen. However, one area that you should take your time to plan well is cabinet installation. Any small mistake when installing your new cabinets can lead to ill-fitting cabinetry, plumbing issues and an unsafe kitchen. Check out the top five mistakes to avoid during cabinet installation.

Choosing Beauty Over Functionality

Make no mistake: you should install cabinets that enhance the overall look of your kitchen. However, don't let beauty come in the way of functionality. 

Before choosing new cabinets, consider your needs and what you want the cabinets to do. If you have many utensils and appliances, you probably need larger cabinets to provide sufficient storage. Ideally, your cabinets should have a perfect balance of beauty and functionality. 

Miscalculating Ceiling Height

Some people miscalculate the dimensions of their new cabinets. This can lead to an awkward spacing between upper cabinets and the countertop or between the ceiling and cabinetry. Generally, high ceilings may not work well with standard-sized cabinets, so consider going for larger cabinets. When calculating the ceiling height, consider your height as well to avoid the inconveniences of not being able to remove items from your cabinets.

Disregarding New Appliances

You'll need to buy new kitchen appliances or upgrade the current ones from time to time. Let your new cabinets accommodate both the current and future appliances. Keep in mind that modern appliances may be larger than the old ones. If you plan to get new ovens or dishwashers, confirm the dimensions of the products before installing the cabinets.

Not Planning for Plumbing

Your kitchen's plumbing system is designed to accommodate sinks, faucets and appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers. Plan how your cabinets will be arranged to avoid interfering with plumbing systems, such as water pipes, water filters, garbage disposals and faucets. It's recommendable to have a plumber finish all the plumbing work before your new cabinets go up.

Not Hiring Professionals

Installing new cabinets may seem like a simple job. But in reality, the job can be complicated if you don't know what you're doing. For starters, cabinets are heavy, awkward and difficult to place. Also, new cabinetry can be costly, so any damage during your DIY job can see you lose lots of money on repairs or replacements. To be safe, let professional kitchen renovation contractors handle the job.