When people think of home renovations they like to think of big, sweeping changes to their main rooms, which means their kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. While there is nothing wrong with renovating these areas, there are more undervalued parts of your home that would be far better improved with a few simple changes, which provides a lot more "bang for your buck". Instead of renovating your kitchen for the third time, why not spend the money on one of the following parts of your house and really add value to your home in a way that you might not have thought possible.

Attic Space 

Most homes will have some kind of space in their attic, but many of them are simply areas where insulation is put down and they are not rated for any kind of weight to be placed on top of them. One type of home renovation that can drastically improve the storage and livable area of your home is to convert your attic into a real room by strengthening the supports. This can add a whole new level to your home and be used for anything from an extra bedroom or a major storage solution where you can keep all those extra items you don't know what to do with just yet. 


Just like the attic space, a lot of homes come with a basement of some kind that is usually just dead space where you might have your water heater and perhaps a few old boxes that you never unpacked from your last move. By renovating your basement you can turn it into a whole litany of different and more attractive spaces, from a man-cave to a new study or even a rumpus room for your children to enjoy that will keep them out of your hair. Some families actually choose to add in a safe room or area that is protected from hurricanes or other weather disasters as the basement is the most secure place of the house in those conditions.


You spend a lot of time in your bathroom and yet most people don't really give it a second thought when the idea of renovation comes up. There are so many ways to make your bathroom a more inviting space, from changing the decor and upgrading the facilities (such as a far more pressurized shower head, heated floors, larger windows, and glass shower screens) to implementing new modern additions that make any bathroom feel more usable. You can even add in electronic appliances like a TV or speaker system that is rated to survive in moist environments like your bathroom!