If you want to spruce up your home, then you might have decided to repaint some of your rooms. A fresh coat of paint and new colors can transform your home.

While you might have ideas on paint colors and finishes at this stage, it's worth talking to your painting contractor before you make a final decision. They can help you get the best results. How?

Get Advice on Paint Colors

You won't always find it easy to choose the right color of paint for a room. You might like lots of different colors without having a favorite. Or, you might have chosen a color but aren't sure how it will look.

An experienced contractor will have years of experience in interior painting. They can give you a professional take on your options.

For example, say you've decided to paint a room in a striking dark color. Your painting contractor can tell you how the room will look in this shade. If the room is small and dark, then the contractor might tell you that the color you like will close the room up even more. They might recommend a lighter color. Or, they might explain ways that you can combine this color with lighter shades, say on a feature wall.

Your painting contractor can also give you advice on colors if you haven't yet chosen one for a room. They will have worked with many different paints from different manufacturers, so they could make suggestions that will help you make a final decision.

Get Advice on Paint Finishes

Paints come in different finishes. These finishes affect the look of the paint on a wall. They also have different maintenance needs. You should try to pick the right finish for every room so that your repaint looks good and lasts for a long time.

Your painting contractor can help here too. For example, they might suggest that you use a semi-gloss finish in your bathrooms and kitchen. These paints cope well in hot and humid environments, and they are easy to clean.

Or, if you have kids, then your painter might recommend that you go for a cleanable finish. Some paints, such as those with flat finishes, are hard to clean. If your kids leave marks on a wall, then you're just as likely to rub the paint off as the dirt. Here, your contractor can help you choose the right finish for every room.

For more advice, contact your painting contractor.