If you're setting up a new dining room, you should think not only about the furniture that you need but also about the accessories that you can position around the room to improve its function and its feel. A large mirror is one such accessory, and it can be a good choice to hang on your dining room wall. This isn't something that you'll want to hang yourself, though. The weight and size of a mirror mean that it's best to hire a professional installer for the job. In advance of the installer's visit, you should give careful consideration to the following positioning points.

Mount It High Enough

Mirrors add a lot of value to dining rooms — namely, in the form of giving the room the illusion of being more spacious. However, you want the position the mirror high enough that people aren't looking into it while they sit and eat. Not everyone wants to see themselves in the mirror, and if someone were to sit directly across from it, this person might feel unsettled by seeing their reflection. Ask your installer to position the mirror high enough on the wall that it won't be at head level for those who are seated at your table.

Don't Position It Across From A Window

Many dining rooms have windows, so you'll want to keep the position of the window in mind when you're choosing a spot to mount the mirror. Ideally, you'll be able to avoid positioning the mirror directly across from the window. People often eat dinner at sunset, which means that the sun is low in the sky — and, depending on the position of your house, it may be flowing into the dining room through the window. You don't want the sun's rays reflecting off the mirror and shining in someone's face at the dining room table.

Consider Where It Might Be Functional

A mirror in your dining room isn't solely to help make the space appear larger. There's a good chance that people will use the mirror occasionally — for example, checking their teeth after a meal, or perhaps assessing how their hair looks before they sit down for a dinner party. Keeping this in mind, it can make sense to have the mirror close to the entrance of the room. This way, people can use the mirror as they enter or exit the area, rather than have to perhaps go to the far side of the space to look into the mirror. Your installer will take these points into account and hang the mirror where you feel it will best suit the room.

For more information, reach out to a local mirror installation service.