When it's time to get a new air conditioner, you probably want to control installation and operating costs as much as possible. Since comfort is also important, your AC contractor should be able to help you choose the right system for your needs that also matches your budget. Here are some tips for picking out a new air conditioner that helps you save on operating costs.

Think About A Ductless System

If you still live in the home where you raised your family, but all your kids have moved out, you may not need to heat and cool the entire house. Consider a ductless split system in that case. These have blowers mounted on the walls in different zones of your home rather than a central blower unit that distributes air to each room of your house. With zoned blowers, you can keep your living room and bedroom comfortable while not wasting energy on empty bedrooms until you have overnight guests. A ductless system might be a good way to save on operating costs in the next several years, and it might also save on installation costs since you won't need new ducts.

Be Sure To Buy The Right Size

A new air conditioner will probably be a lot more energy efficient than your old one, so you'll want the AC contractor to run calculations to determine the best size for your home. When you have an AC that's not too big or too small, it operates efficiently so your power bills are lower in the summer. Since the AC installation professional might also take into account how well your home is insulated, you may want to make planned improvements such as adding insulation or getting new windows before your home is assessed for a new AC.

Consider Adding A Dehumidifier

Adding a dehumidifier to your air conditioning system during installation might be a good idea. Talk to your contractor about how much a dehumidifier would help with your local climate. Sometimes, the conditions in your home are uncomfortable due to too much humidity rather than too much heat. While your AC removes humidity when it runs, it might be more efficient and less expensive to run a dehumidifier along with ceiling fans when humidity is a problem. By drying out the air, your home seems cooler and your furniture and other belongings are protected from excess moisture without having to run a power-hungry AC.

A new air conditioner can be expensive, but fortunately, they come in a range of prices so you can choose one of the more affordable options if necessary. Just remember, you want to compare operating costs as well as the initial installation cost so you get the best deal for your money.

For more information, contact a local air conditioning installation service.