If you use your garage door each time you leave the house, the device is probably enduring a lot of wear and tear. Every time your garage door opens, it pushes against gravity to retract enough to let you enter or exit the space. This can take quite a toll, and you may have recently reached the point where your garage door is giving you trouble. It might stop halfway through the opening process or just not open as smoothly as it did in the past. Keep reading to view a couple of the possible reasons why your door is no longer working properly.

The Track Has Started To Rust

The only way for your garage door to stay in place and lift on command is for it to be on a track. The track is usually made out a metal or metal composite, and these types of materials are subject to rusting if they aren't properly cared for. 

Remembering to give the garage door track a bit of tender loving care can really help to extend the life of your door and improve its performance. Something as simple as applying a lubricant to the track a few times each year could be all that is needed for your door to work perfectly every time you use it. The track will be well oiled so it acts like a smooth surface for the door to gently glide along without hitting any of those rusty patches that can cause the door to halt when you don't want it to.

You Might Just Need Some New Batteries

Sometimes, the most obvious fixes are the easiest ones to overlook. If your garage door suddenly stops working, you could immediately assume that you're going to need a replacement door. The reality is that there's a good chance that putting new batteries in the transmitter or remote could be all the fix that you need.

Although the batteries that are put inside of a garage door transmitter and corresponding remote usually last a long time, they probably won't hold up forever. If you press the remote for the door to open and nothing happens, don't immediately jump to the most drastic conclusion. Check to see if a new set of batteries does the trick.

The problems that you are having with your garage door might be completely solvable. If you've done what you can and are still experiencing problems, have a garage door repair company take a look at the situation for you.