Custom cabinets not only save space and create storage options, but they can also control the room's atmosphere and decor. There are several material options for you to choose from when considering cabinet installation. Wood cabinets are the most popular. You also can choose from either aluminum or polyethylene. Whatever choice you decide on should match with the idea you have for your space.


Woods for cabinet designs are possibly the most popular materials used. Woods give you an option of solid woods or high gloss woods. There are so many options to choose from, so you may be a little confused. Solid woods may include maple, pine, cherry, oak, or even walnut. If you are leaning towards a cheap option, consider an MDF mixture, though your visitors may not consider it to be ideal. Gloss woods are better for small spaces but using them can be hard on maintenance, since they trap fingerprints. They also tend to reflect the light in a room. You can have cabinet installation done in a way so that you will not have to gloss it yourself, but it doesn't hurt to keep a can of gloss around to do some touch up on smudges and areas that wear thin. Some people chose to top off the wood finish with a granite counter top; this is a combination that pops. 


Aluminum has traditionally been used more in commercial environments. They are increasing in popularity in residential properties because of their durability. Aluminum can last longer than other materials, and maintenance is as simple as wiping the surface. And, unlike wood, these cabinets do not warp as a result of climate change and water wear. You can also choose from multiple colors and designs. Aluminum can give your interior a very modern finish, and it looks sleek with other aluminum appliances (like a dishwasher or fridge). You also do not have to worry about insects eating your cabinets if you choose to go with aluminum.


Polyethylene is a type of plastic, but don't worry the material is hard. It may also be called melamine when it is mixed with wood particles. These cabinets are inexpensive compared to the other materials but they are also durable. You can get a variety of finishes. However, they are heavy, get chipped, and can pose a challenge to people who prefer DIY installation methods. A custom cabinetry installation professional, such as from Gateway Cabinetry, is always available not only to craft your cabinets, but also to install them for you.