There are many simple ways to make your HVAC more efficient. If you live in a cold environment, you can lose a lot of heat through your air ducts. Of course, a large portion of the air ducts are within the wall where you cannot service them. However, there are some particularly vital sections of ducting that you can make more efficient by adding some insulation. This article explains what sections of ducting to add insulation to, and the best supplies for doing it.

Where to Add Insulation

If you live in a cold climate, adding insulation to you're exposed to air ducts is a very effective way to make your heater more efficient. The furnace is usually located in garage, basement, or a utility room. These rooms usually don't have any designated heating supply, so they are colder then the rest of your home. As a result, you can lose a lot of heat through your ducts as the air comes out of your furnace. This is where adding insulation can be the most effective. If you have the basement with exposed ceiling joists, these ducts will also be worth insulating.

How to Add Insulation

Before you actually began to add any installation, you should take your ducts to reinforce their airtight seal. The duct seams, especially since they are exposed, can get knocked loose. If this happens after you have added installation, you won't be able to tell and you will be losing a lot of heated air.

Continuous rolls of fiberglass bad insulation are the cheapest and most effective way to insulate round ducts. You can simply wrap them around the ducts and tape them down. The job is simple, but the fiberglass can be very itchy if it comes in contact with your skin or eyes, so make sure you wear gloves, a long sleeve shirt, and protective glasses.

You can also find duct sleeves or jackets, these are essentially made out of the same material as fiberglass rolls, except they are made to fit ducting of a specific size. These are great if you can find the right size product and if your ducts are all the same size. The problem is, most ducting systems have variety of different duct sizes throughout the house because they are custom fit. This just means that you would need to buy a bunch of different jackets of various sizes, So it is not always the most cost effective.

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