Concrete porches have many advantages. They have a long life and require little maintenance. You don't have to worry about rotting and warped boards or weeds growing up through the planks. The only major disadvantage to a concrete porch is that they are intensive to fix. Although warped boards are frustrating, replacing a board is a simple task, while repairing broken concrete takes more work. If you have a concrete porch that needs to be repaired, here are some DIY instructions for different issues.

Repairing cracks

Repairing cracks in your concrete floor isn't difficult. All you need is:

  • 1 damp rag
  • 1 soft bristle brush
  • 1 tube of vinyl concrete
  • 1 wire brush

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the area you are repairing is completely clean. You can scrub it with soap and water or just use a shop vacuum with the brush extension. Either will work well. Just make sure that the concrete is completely dry before you do any patching.

Once it's dry, use the wire brush to brush the surface and ensure there are no loose pieces. Then, use the smaller brush to make sure no dirt is left. Squeeze the vinyl concrete from the tubing into the crack according to the directions on the product. With your damp rag, wipe the excess so the surface is flat and smooth.

Repairing edges with a clean break

If you have edges broken off of your porch, you can secure them back on with adhesive if it is a clean break. You will need:

  • 1 wire brush
  • 1 soft bristle brush
  • 1 cement-bonding epoxy
  • Stack of bricks

First, you need to clean the area with the brushes or a vacuum so there is no debris. Once the area is completely clean, you can repair the broken pieces. Make sure that the pieces you have from the porch are complete intact so there are no gaps in the repair. Apply a concrete-bonding epoxy to the back of the broken pieces from your porch. Reapply them to your porch, and hold them in place for a minute or two while the epoxy grips the pieces of concrete together. Take a stack of bricks, and stack them next to the broken piece to hold it in place. Keep the bricks in place for the entire amount of drying time listed on your epoxy label.

Repairing large edges with new concrete

If you have large pieces missing from your porch, or pieces that didn't end in a clean break, you can repair the edges with new concrete. You will need:

  • 1 masonry drill bit
  • 1 electric drill
  • 1 wire brush
  • 1 steel dowel rod
  • 1 soft bristle brush
  • 1 latex bonding agent
  • 1 heavy mallet
  • 1 container of concrete patch or mix
  • Wood for building a frame
  • 1 trowel
  • Stack of bricks
  • Shop vacuum

First, use the wire brush to clean the area that you are repairing to make sure no debris is lodged in any of the cracks. Next, drill a hole in the center of your repair location that is wide enough to stick the steel rod inside. The rod will need to be long enough to stick in the hole about two inches, and stop just below the top of your repair area, so it doesn't stick out of the concrete once it is poured. Once you drill the hole, vacuum out any loose particles that may be inside.

Before doing any more repair work, you want to use the wood to build a frame around the edge or corner that you are repairing. You want to frame to keep the concrete in place while it dries. It should be tall enough to pour concrete onto the edge and create a flat surface. Stack bricks on the other side of your frame to keep it in place.

Dip the rod into the latex bonding agent until it is completely coated, and then secure it in the hole using the mallet. At this point, if you have concrete mix, mix it according to your product's directions. Whether you have mix or pre-mixed concrete, add some of the latex bonding agent, leaving a little left to add to your broken area. It will make your porch repair strong and durable.

Use the soft brush to brush the bonding agent onto your broken porch edge. Pour the concrete into your wood frame and fill the broken area so it is neat and flat. Allow the concrete to dry for the amount of time described on the label.

Concrete porches can be great, but once they begin to break, repairing them is a lot of work. However, you can do it on your own for a fraction of the cost. Just follow these directions and your old concrete porch will look like new in no time.

Another option you could explore would be making your porch smaller by cutting of the edges that need repair. Rather than do this process yourself, however, it might be better to hire a professional concrete cutting service.