Working with a general contractor to design and build a dream home for your young family is an exciting time in life. It can be tempting to design a home that fits your specific needs right now, but if you plan to stay in the home indefinitely, it's a good idea to think about your future needs too. Here are four things to consider during the design process that will help ensure that your new home meets your needs for many decades to come:

Storage Convenience

When designing storage options to include in your new home construction, keep in mind that you'll more than likely acquire many new things as the years go on and the kids grow older. Bicycles, toys, holiday decorations, and collections of family photos are just some of the things you can expect to store in the future. If possible, include some type of storage in every room of your new home, even in the attic and basement. Some efficient options include:

  • Built-in shelving in common areas.
  • Hanging wire shelves in the basement or attic.
  • Cubby holes in the closet.
  • Built-in floating shelves along the top trim of the kitchen.

The idea is to create storage space throughout the home that is functional and convenient so that you can actually access and make use of the things that you're storing.

Entertainment Sustainability

You may know what your preferences are when it comes to entertaining people in your home, but as your kids age through their teen years they'll undoubtedly develop more "lively" preferences than you. For example, you might find that they want to host parties, have sleepovers, and even hold meetings for the organizations they're involved in at your home.

Consider having a small game room built that the family can use to watch movies and play board games together when the space isn't being used for entertaining others. If building an extra entertainment room is out of the question, an effective alternative is to have a covered and screened patio so you have some additional space when it's needed.

Future Endeavors

If you are not planning on having any more children or having many long term guests throughout the years, an extra room of some sort may not be in your plans. But it's important to think about what might happen in the future that doesn't include an expanding family such as:

  • Starting a home business.
  • Getting involved in a hobby that requires indoor space.
  • Creating a library for the family.

To decide whether or not to add space, and what type of extra space might be right for your home design, examine the path your career is taking, consider the activities you currently enjoy, and think about the amenities you'd like to provide your family as you can afford them.

Efficient Energy Management

A home that is not well insulated can easily waste energy because the air conditioner and heating system has to be used more often to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year. In addition to making sure that your contractor insulates the frame, attic, and crawl space of your home as it is being built, consider including Energy Star rated windows and doors throughout your design.

These steps will increase energy efficiency and minimize the amount of moisture that leaks into your home so mold and mildew don't have a chance to build up unnoticed. You'll find that a well insulated home also helps you maintain optimal humidity levels indoors too.

These four design considerations will help to ensure that you don't end up spending a lot of money on future renovations. Click here to learn more about how a general contractor can help you.