Tiny houses are a wonderful way to reduce your carbon footprint, be kinder to the environment, and simplify your life. Whether you are building a house on a foundation or are creating a mobile tiny home, you will be living a lifestyle that can offer you a great deal of satisfaction. 

Since many tiny houses are located in remote areas, or are mobile and go from place to place, security is a big concern. You may not have much, but you don't want anyone else taking it. Here are three ways to build security into your new tiny home.

1. Security Lighting

Security lighting can be built into both foundation-based and mobile tiny homes. You should always have lighting in both the front and back of your house, since burglars are more likely to try to break in where they won't be as visible to anyone who may be watching.

The lighting should be automatic and motion-sensitive. Anyone who approaches your house after dark will set off the lights by their movement. Attaching such a light just above the front door and just above the back (or somewhere on the back of the house, if you don't have a back door) will ensure any potential burglars are taken by surprise when they come near your house.

It will also give visitors the lighting they need to go back and forth to their cars safely, and provides you with the same level of security, as well. Security lights can be connected to solar power as well as a traditional grid, so they are something you can use no matter how "green" you decide to go with your house's set up.

2. An Alarm System

You can install an automatic electronic alarm system on your tiny house, in much the same way that you will install security lighting. If you are going solar, just make sure you work with a company that doesn't require you to be connected to the grid and can handle wireless communications.

Burglars want their break-in jobs to be as easy as possible. If an alarm goes off when they try to enter your house, they will usually consider the job not worth it and move on to another target.

If you don't want to be connected to an alarm company (which may be true if you really value your anonymity), get a guard dog. A barking dog will scare away most burglars just as well as an alarm, especially if the dog is loud. The dog doesn't even have to be unfriendly. Just being a loud and incessant barker when strangers approach is perfect.

3. Electronic Locks

You can be sure your house is secure at all times when you use electronic locks on all of your outside doors. You can even use them on inside doors for extra security, particularly in rooms where particularly valuable things are stored.

Electronic locks are the latest addition to the lock world. Some of them operate by waving an encoded card under them, while others operate via biometrics. The biometric locks require your fingerprints. No one who hasn't been entered into the system to have access to the house can use the lock, and they are very hard to break. Most thieves won't bother with them.

Just because you have a tiny house doesn't mean you won't be a big target for thieves. Burglars will target any house that looks like it might have anything valuable in it. Be proactive in protecting your few precious belongings when you build your house. Have your contractor install one or all of these security features when the house is being constructed.