Renting construction equipment is a great option when you need a particular piece of equipment for one-time or temporary use and don't wish or need to buy it permanently. It can also work if you plan on buying a piece of equipment in the future but want to try out different options first, or if you simply can't afford a purchase just yet. No matter what your reasons for renting equipment, prepare yourself for how the process works and what to expect to make it smoother and less confusing.

Background or Credit Check

Many people are surprised to find that equipment rental companies often require some kind of background or credit check before they will rent equipment. While not all companies do this, most reputable ones do. It is merely a protective measure to ensure the company that it will get its equipment back.

Background checks may look for information, such as past theft, which could rule out a potential renter. Credit checks are simply used to determine the renter's trustworthiness. People without great credit may still be allowed to rent, but they often have to pay a heavier deposit or have a temporary hold placed on their credit cards.

If a check is going to be performed and your credit isn't great, be sure to have a responsible party as the official renter. This will greatly increase your chances of being allowed to rent equipment from the company.

Online Reservations

Many equipment rental companies will allow you to reserve your equipment online, much in the same way you would book a rental car.

Reserving online is a convenient option since it allows you to set up when you will get the equipment and to ensure the equipment is available when you need it. In some cases, you may even get a discount when you choose to reserve online. Many third-party booking sites offer savings that you might not get in-store, especially if you pay ahead, so trying to book online ahead of time is always a smart choice.

Special Requirements

Finally, bear in mind that some equipment may come with special requirements. If you rent a crane, for example, you may have to agree to have only certified crane operation professionals operate the equipment.

Be sure you are aware of any special requirements and that you are prepared to abide by them fully to avoid any problems or accidents.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what the equipment rental process is like. Keep this information in mind to make the process simpler.